Zorochristianity or Zorochristy is a new variety of Christianity with ancient roots. It seeks out the real ethical roots of Christianity which are to be found in the teachings of Zoroaster. Zorochristians are nevertheless interested in the tradition that has developed from the time of Jesus and seek to bring to light the connections between the later tradition and the earlier persian one.

Zartochrestianism is a particular flavour of Zorochristianity, and is the one outlined on these pages.

Holy Trinity

Zartochrestians recognise a Holy Trinity of Agathon (the Good), Chrestus and Spentamania (Holy Spirit).

The Agatha

The Agatha or the Good Ones are those beings recognised as being close to Agathon the Good or of partaking of its nature.

Foremost among the Agatha is the Agathic Triad or Agathic Family of Ashura, Mazda and Ushta sometimes imagined as Father, Mother and Child.

Additional to the Agathic Triad are seven being known as the Heptaspenta or seven life-promoters. These are Eunoia, Spentamania, Eusebia, Eukratia, Artista or Asha, Harvatas and Amortas.

Angels & Saints

Zartochrestians also teach of five angels of Agathon consisting of the divine angels Mithras and Anhita and the angelic saints of Zartus , Jesus and Georgius.

Senior Magi

The Senior Magi are three wise men whose intellectual work is considered the most worthy of attention. These are Zoroaster, Plato and Aristotle.


Zorochristians especially value the Avestan scriptures of the Persians and the Jesus scriptures of the New Testament and gnostic writings of the same era.

Updated 11th Jan 2021 CE