Holy Trinity

  • Agathon - the Holy Father

    Agathon - The Good - is the highest deity in Zartochrestianism. Agathon is pure goodness whether as an abstract idea, an active presence or a passive experience. Agathon is not easily understood in its totality, but we can make an attempt by understanding the Agatha.

    The active presence of Agathon is known as Ashura-Mazda who is the Wise Lord who creates and guides the rightly-ordered world.

  • Chrestus - the Holy Son

    Chrestus the 'good one' or 'useful one' is the ideal human agent of the Agathon. Chrestus is not associated solely with any single historical person, though is represented to us especially by the angel-saint Jesus, and is found wherever people act from the good-willing mind of Eunoia.

  • Spentamania - the Holy Spirit.

    Spentamania is the spirit of love of life.

Other Concepts

Zartochrestians also teach of:
  • Protarche who is the First Source of All
  • Zurvan who is the Ground of Existence of Life thought of as a period of Time
  • Tyche who is the World Tyke or World Doer.