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Zoroastrian Christians believe that Christianity was founded by Zoroaster, and that its ethics derive from his teaching. However they are interested in the historical Christian tradition and have varied approaches to matching this up to their beliefs about Zoroaster.

Zorochristians think of Chrestus (or 'Christ') as the perfectly good being that has incarnated in many human beings - and not exclusively the historical Jesus. However many Zorochristians still consider Jesus an important figure.

Most Zorochristians recognise the angels Mithras and Anahita alongside Zoroaster as angels of Chrestus. Mithras is considered similar or the same as the Archangel Michael, and Anahita has similarities to the Virgin Mary as worshipped by Catholics and others.

Generally Zorochristians don't place so much importance on the Judeochristian bible, and especially not the Old Testament, but they may still be interested in it. They are often interested in alternative historical Christian movements such as gnosticism and Catharism.

Although opinions vary Zorochristians don't usually say: "There is one God and He is all Powerful and all Good". They recognise that evil is a reality and can happen independently of the Good God. Hence they accept that the Good God is not in full control of everything that happens.


Zorochristianity is a new variety of Christianity with ancient roots. It seeks out the real ethical roots of Christianity which are to be found in the teachings of Zoroaster. Zorochristians are nevertheless interested in the tradition that has developed from the time of Jesus and seek to bring to light the connections between the later tradition and the earlier persian one.

Zorochristians recognise a Holy Trinity of Aramazda, Chrestus and Spentamania who are known as the Holy Father, the Holy Son and the Holy Spirit. Aramazda is the Wise Lord who creates and guides the rightly-ordered world. Chrestus is the divine Christ, not associated with any single historical person, but found wherever people act from the good-willing mind. Spentamania is the spirit of love of life.

Most Zorochristians also recognise a Chrestangelia or Host of Angels of Chrestus consisting of the divine angels Mithras and Anhita and the angelic saints of Zartus , Jesus and Georgius. Mithras is identified with the Archangel Michael and Anhita (or Anahita) is similar to the Virgin Mary as worshipped by Catholics while Zartus (or Zoroaster) has some of the same function as John the Baptist in the later tradition.

The Archangel Mithras, encourages, guides and commands us to fight for the cause of The Good in the world, against what is Bad and Evil. Anhita embodies the unconditional care that is the natural impulse of Chrestus, and is a figure of purity and protection.

Among the saints Zartus is the supreme teacher of the idea of Chrestus, Jesus is the supreme demonstrator of the love of Chrestus and George is the supreme defender of Chrestus. Lesser angels or saints are also recognised.

The Chrestangelic Host is the power that brings the Christ-child into existence, and Mithras and Anhita can be imagined as the parents of the Christ-child (and perhaps Zartus as the Magus who recognises him).

Some Zorochristians assert the concepts of Protarche as the First Source of All and Zurvan as the Ground of Existence of Life.

All Zorochristians value the scripture of the Zartigathas or Songs of Zoroaster. Many also value the traditional Avestan scripture of the Persians as well as the scriptures of the New Testament and gnostic scriptures of the same era. Many Zorochristians also have an interest in the classical Greek philosophical tradition. A smaller number may also be interested in Hellenistic philosophies or the Sufi tradition. We also recommend the modern Cathar movement.

End September 2020, last part updated November 2020