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Satan is the 'Evil One' - and the main opponent of the Angel Mithras.

Three ways of understanding Satan:

1. As the 'Dreggor' or 'deviator'. Dreg means 'deviation' , whether deviation from truth, or deviation from the righteous path. The Dreggor causes things to go off course, for people to believe false illusions, and to sin. The meaning of Dreggor is similar to the Greek Diabolos or Devil.

2. As the 'Angramania' or 'Decreasing Spirit'. Angramania is the opposite of Spentamania , the Holy Spirit. Angramania hates Life and desires its diminishment or destruction.

3. As 'Az' or Desire - pure Selfish Desire without restriction of moral rules or any concern for others.

In Zartochrestianism, Satan is considered eternally evil, and is distinguished from Lucifer - the angel of cold understanding - who may be good or bad. (or Good at first, and then falling to become Bad).