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Satan is the 'Evil One' - and the main opponent of the Angel Mithras.

Three ways of understanding Satan:

1. As the 'Dreggor' or 'deviator'. Dreg means 'deviation' , whether deviation from truth, or deviation from the righteous path. The Dreggor causes things to go off course, for people to believe false illusions, and to sin. The meaning of Dreggor is similar to the Greek Diabolos or Devil.

2. As the 'Angramania' or 'Decreasing Spirit'. Angramania is the opposite of Spentamania , the Holy Spirit. Angramania hates Life and desires its diminishment or destruction.

3. As 'Az' or Desire - pure Selfish Desire without restriction of moral rules or any concern for others.

In Zartochrestianism, Satan is considered eternally evil, and is distinguished from Lucifer - the angel of cold understanding - who may be good or bad. (or Good at first, and then falling to become Bad).


Lucifer gives hidden knowledge to anyone - whether they have good or bad intentions.
If you give knowledge to people who use it for evil purposes, then you deserve some of the blame for the bad results. This is what we mean by 'Bad Lucifer'.
However on balance - giving knowledge to everybody will result in more good than bad happening. So we might say that Lucifer is two thirds good and one third bad.
This is why the story says that only one third of the angels followed Lucifer when he 'fell from heaven'.
(Of course in reality the 'Good Lucifer' who is with God, and the 'Bad Lucifer' who is estranged from Him, both exist together in a timeless realm.)


An antichrist is a worldly power that works against the designs of the incarnated christ. However at the end of an era - i.e. when worldly processes have progressed to their ultimate conclusion - then all worldly power will be coalesced in a single body and there will be but one Antichrist.

The name Azidak derives from Az - Greed/Lust/Desire and Dahaka - Serpent, for Azidak is driven by lust - especially the lust for power - and pursues it with the cold-blooded ruthlessness.

Zurvan has dictated an eternal battle between the powers of order and the powers and causes of disorder.

The Host of Christ (the Army of Christ) fights for the Good Order that brings prosperity and well-being in the social sphere. Mithras is the Archangel of Christ, supported by other angels such as the angel of Zartus, the Good Wizard, and the angel of Jesus the Gnostic.

Azidak is the mortal enemy of the Christian Host - seeking at every turn to weaken it with his own army - the Horde of the Antichrist, so that he is free to implement his own will without opposition. Satan is the Archangel of the Antichrist, supported by demons such as Az, the demon of greed, and Lucifer the Angel of amoral technocracy and magic.

Footnote: While Christ and the Antichrist are sworn enemies, there is some sense in which they need each other for their full vitality. It is when Azidak is strong, and his miserable influence in the world is keenly felt, that the spirit arises among the people to rally to the banner of the Chrestic Host. Correspondingly while Azidak is ruthless in his attack on the Host, nevertheless complete and total victory over it, removes the challenge that animates him, as without an opponent he becomes merely the lonely operator of a machine, unseen by anyone.

February 2020