TRIVIAE ('Three paths')

The Triviae or 'Three developmental paths' of Zartochrestianism the work that an aspiring Zorochristian should do:

1. VIA CHRESTIFORMA ('Path of Chrestic Formation')

This is the formation of a person into someone who desires to seek the Good and is orientated correctly to make the best attempt at successfully producing the Good. It is the shaping of someone into the character of Chrestus.

2. VIA ROMICA ('Path of Strengthening')

These are activities that build up the productive ability of a person. This will involve strengthening capabilities, healing injuries and creating internal coherence. Romic activities will involve the different aspects of a person including the psychic (emotional) , mental (intellectual) and physical.

3. VIA GNOSTICA ('path of knowledge')

The Gnostic Path can be considered a special case of the Romic path, and involves activities that help develop the Mind. The aim is to become fully able to discern the real truth of any situation and know how to act for the Good. One works to leave behind the childish mental world of illusion and become fully mentally adult.