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In Zartochrestianism Sophia or Wisdom is the second person of the trinity. We try and make sense of Sophia using both the Zoroastrian tradition (where Sophia is called Mazda) and the Christian gnostic texts.

As I understand it Sophia is the Wise Creative Power. However I don't think it makes sense to visualize her as some single all-wise empress ruling over the world (despite the attached picture!). Rather She is like a Sea that washes into different landscapes, and is shaped by those landscapes.

Wherever there is life then there is Sophia. All living beings require a wise strategy to make the best of the situation they face if they are to stay alive. Thus wisdom is intrinsic to life. However this wisdom is developed in specific contexts - the life situation of different species of creatures. There is not one fully integrated Wisdom that works to guide all creatures. Rather Wisdom is split up into different niches. In a way Wisdom can be ignorant! Wisdom finds the best path in a particular situation, but it may ignore what is outside that situation. Sophia can trapped by the archons - solving the problems of life within the walls that the archons have built. However this may not result in the overall flourishing of the world. For wisdom developed in one enclosure may be counteracted by that developed in the neighbouring enclosure. This is why Sophia needs to partner with Chrestus who is the enlightened one who takes a more integrated or holistic view of things.

15 August 4019


I've altered the trinity so that we now use the name Mazda rather than Sophia, which reflects the greater importance of the Zoroastrian tradition in setting the meaning of the name. So our trinity is now Deuspater, Mazda and Chrestus.

Sophia is now regarded as an Archangel - the Archangel of Mazda, or the Archangel of Wisdom - and takes her place alongside the Archangel Mithras.

17 August 4019