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It might be said that Mithraists should believe and trust in Mithras.

So how is this different from Judeochristians believing and trusting in Jesus?

As I see it Mithras is the Divine Good Lord - i.e the power that is seeking what is Good. Believing in Mithras means firstly having a concrete image of Mithras in your head so you can relate to what is a Divine (i.e. abstract) power in a similar way to a human being. Trusting in Mithras means trusting that He is the best kind of leader - and that if you and enough other people support Him then he will be victorious. However like any good king he can't rule if there is nobody accepting his kingship and following his instructions. His victory is dependent on his building up an army to fight for the Good - and that depends on us joing that army.